Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to subscribe and use application software in the cloud. BISCloud provides complete software for your entire business so that you can subscribe to certain SaaS applications as needed, such as: accounting, HR, procurement, project management, service, sales management, marketing, transportation management, and supply chain.

SaaS removes the need for organizations to install and run applications on their own computers or in their own data centers. This eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation and support. Other benefits of the SaaS model include:

  • Flexible payments
  • Rather than purchasing software to install, or additional hardware to support it, customers subscribe to a SaaS offering. Generally, they pay for this service on a monthly basis using a pay-as-you-go model. Transitioning costs to a recurring operating expense allows many businesses to exercise better and more predictable budgeting. Users can also terminate SaaS offerings at any time to stop those recurring costs.

  • Scalable usage
  • Cloud services like SaaS offer high scalability, which gives customers the option to access more, or fewer, services or features on-demand.

  • Automatic updates
  • Rather than purchasing new software, customers can rely on a SaaS provider to automatically perform updates and patch management. This further reduces the burden on in-house IT staff.

  • Accessibility and persistence
  • Since SaaS applications are delivered over the Internet, users can access them from any Internet-enabled device and location.

More than typical packaged software, using a SaaS provider will require you or your organization to use a "vanilla" version of the software. Minimal customization is typically offered. Sometimes being forced to use a "vanilla" version is helpful. SaaS Cloud Providers often take into account multiple platforms: mobile, browser, and so on. If you or your organization want software that can be accessed from multiple platforms, this might be an easy way to make that happen. As part of this, SaaS Cloud Providers may also provide apps for mobile devices. If you have events such as high seasonal sales activity, then the elasticity of the Cloud with SaaS might provide an opportunity. The SaaS Cloud Provider may provide better security than your existing software (security—or inadequate security—can also be a disadvantage). Better security may come in part because it is critical for the SaaS Cloud Provider and is part of their main business. In-house security, on the other hand, is not usually an individual's or a organization's main business and, therefore, may not be as good as that offered by the SaaS Cloud Provider.

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