Badawi Information Systems Limited (BIS) was founded in Ramallah in 2001 as a Systems Integrator and Turn Key solutions provider BIS employs highly dedicated and qualified personnel, which amount for decades of collective experience in the IT fieldAs a distinguished IT company, our products and services focus on meeting needs, but also not only today’s business the needs of the future. We take priden being a distinguished IT It is our goal to focus on company understanding and. meeting marketing needs as we strive to make our clients successful. BIS addresses complete IT projects’ cycle: from initial consultancy to design, development, implementation and ongoing maintenance and support.

BIS Mission

Our mission is to provide State-of-the-art products and services, and to realize the best possible returns for our clients’ technology investments achievable anywhere.
BIS is committed to providing the best information technology solutions to the Palestinian community. BIS stands fully equipped to fulfill your needs, in virtually any sector: corporate business, management information systems, education, engineering,multimedia, networking, and/or home.

BIS Strategy

Our strategy is to ensure our growth by achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction We never compromise on the integrity of our approach, or on enhancing our technical strengths. As critical as its products and technologies are, nothing is more important to BIS success than the ability to build and preserve strong and lasting relationships with both partners and customers.

BIS Strengths

Our strengths are our professionalism, flexibility and superb presales, sales, and technical skills.
BIS is a young, dynamic and professional enterprise, possessing a knowledgeable and highly experienced management team and a solid financial base.

BIS Cloud

BIS local Palestinian Cloud is running virtualization platforms for customers for more than five years and has some of the deepest expertise and over 50 successful production customers.
With a unique combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) expertise, operations orchestration, open source community involvement, and world-class service, BIS empowers you to build and run cloud-based applications easily and cost-effectively.
A free tier allows you to experiment with small applications as long as you wish, and when you’re ready to move into production and grow, the platform scales with you. Numerous PHP frameworks and supporting technologies are provided with click-button simplicity.
BIS managed is a proven enterprise-grade managed service that delivers everything you need to get started quickly and run your applications, including operating system, database, application server and more. Running on Dell EMC highly customizable and fully audit-able infrastructure, our massively scalable platform provides you the flexibility and white-glove service you need to grow and run your business while allowing you to focus on building great applications.

A key advantage of BIS ’s offerings is superior customer service. We recruit excellent talent—people who have vast experience with applications and who contribute to related open source projects and we make their expertise available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week based on an optional SLA. Have a question about how to use a BIS product or how to choose the best run time? Our team is ready and waiting to help you out.
BIS also offers a range of support options to help you deploy and maintain your applications in a production environment. Several levels of support are available, from self-support to standard and premium packages. We also provide a broad spectrum of application services, such as database and performance analysis, as well as customized professional services to help you develop, deploy, manage, and scale Web applications.